Baby Boy Born After Doctors Give Up Hope

You know that famous saying, “Try, try again?”  What happens when they doctors say, “Sorry, no more trying?”  What do you do when the medical world tells you to give up?

I’ve learned you give up on them- and turn to Tefilla.

My husband and I had struggled to have our first daughter.  It took five years of treatments and trials and dashed dreams and crushed hopes before we brought our precious miracle into the world.   We love our daughter so much…. and so we dared to hope and try for another child.  But this time around, the treatments, the medical interventions, the trials, they weren’t working and our doctors had given up hope.  They told us to stop trying.

I didn’t want to give up, and so I signed up for membership at Tehillim Kollel.  I had heard so much about the devoted and kindhearted individuals that are chosen for this special tafkid, I felt confident placing my delicate bakasha in their hands.  And 18 months later, I am proudly holding my son, my Tehillim Kollel miracle.  So yes, we did, try and try again. Baruch Hashem!