Baby Boy Born to Childless Couple 10 Months after Kollel Meron Membership

When my younger sister made her shidduch, after years of intense searching, my level of happiness for her was grand and bursting and over the top.  Finally, she had found her soulmate and could begin to build a family.   At her chasunah, I watched her stand under the chuppah, with tears streaming down her face, in heartfelt gratitude that this day had finally come.

The excitement of the chasunah died down and we went back to the hum-drum of life.  But I kept waiting with half an ear to hear the news.  After all, she was already “old” when she got married.  I hoped that the blessing of a baby would follow swiftly and easily.   But year after year passed, with no calls and no news.  And each time my wife had a baby, or any of the other family members welcomed a new addition, my heart cringed in pain for my sister, knowing how she longed and dreamed for the day.  It hurt me so much to see her suffer, again.

And so I decided to take action.  I’ve heard the story of R’ Shimon Bar Yochai and the power of Meron so many times.  Signing up for the devout men of Kollel Meron, I asked them to please daven for my sister and her husband that they should soon be blessed with a baby.  Ten months later? Her son was born.  The power of Meron, and the tefillos of Tehillim Kollel, are no longer just stories.  They are real, real as the beautiful nephew I hold in my hands today.