Eye Complications Miraculously Healed

“Avi,” I said to my son, “Are you okay?”  He was rubbing and rubbing his eyes.

“My eyes are just really itchy, Mommy,” he replied.  “They have been bothering me all day.”

The next day was the same, as was the day after. Concerned, I made him an appointment at the eye doctor.  She didn’t think it was allergies, but she did feel that he needed a stronger prescription of glasses.  We ordered new ones, picked them up and he began wearing them every day.  But nothing changed.  His eyes were still watering, still itching, and he still complained that he couldn’t see.

I tried a new doctor, who was highly recommended by a friend.  This doctor found a more serious issue.  He told me that Avi had something wrong with the muscles in his eyes and said that we needed to see a specialist.  I was terrified that Avi was going to need surgery or have problems for life.  I scheduled the appointment with the specialist and then contacted Tehillim Kollel to daven for my Avi, hoping their Tefillos davened in the early morning, a very special time of day, would help.

We sat in the waiting room, nervous and edgy.  The doctor called us in and while checking Avi, was very quiet.  He did one test after the other, using different scopes and tools to analyze Avi’s eyes.  When he was done, he turned and said, “Nothing is wrong. Avi’s eyes look completely healthy.” We went home amazed and in shock, and over the next few days, Avi’s eyes simply returned to normal.  No more itching or watering and he could see!  B”H, Tehillim Kollel’s special Tefillos truly healed our Avi!