Funding for Autistic Daughter Approved

My sweet daughter was born with autism.  She is delicious and special, but she has clear special needs.  We were blessed for her to be a very high functioning child.  The problem arises with receiving funding and help- too high functioning and we get no government assistance, even though she clearly needs it.  We submitted the doctor’s report with our application… and we were turned down.  The denial letter explained that the doctor’s evaluation showed her to be in the normal range and we were therefore being denied!  We were distraught, as she really needed the services, but we just couldn’t afford them.

My husband and I contacted Tehillim Kollel, asking that their elite group of special Bnei Torah daven for her with all of their intense kavanah and compassion.  I was hoping that in the zchus of supporting Talmidei Chachamim and their families and children, my son would be taken care of as well.  We set up a doctor’s appointment with a new physician, hoping his report would be more accurate and secure us the funding we needed.  But within a few weeks, even before the new doctor saw my daughter, we received news that the denial had been revoked and our application had been approved!  Our years of dealing with government red tape gave us enough experience to know that this was clearly a miracle, as result of the very special tefillos by Talmidei Chachamim who were saying the Tehillim.