Not A Believer in Tehillim Kollel….After Son’s Cancer Cured, a Believer!

I have seen those ads and read those stories.   I never believed in them.  It seemed too easy: pay some money and get miraculous results.  Maybe it worked for other people, but not for me.

Until… it was my son in the hospital.  My son with cancer.  My son fighting for his life.

I felt so alone.  So desperate.  So hopeless.

And I remembered those stories.  And they gave me hope.

And so I signed up my son with Tehillim Kollel, hoping that the miracles could and would apply to our family too, that they do indeed have a special zchus, as they davened at the holy sites of tzaddikim for our yeshua.

Now, you may think we are just another story.  But we are not.  It’s real.  My son.  My son.  My son was cured!

And now, I not only believe.   I know.  The power of Tehillim is very personal and very real in my life.