Serious Case of Pneumonia- Cured with the Help of Kollel Meron

Adar is supposed to be a month of simcha and joy.But on the 21 st day of this month, we were experiencing much sadness and fear.Our sweet Shloimy had developed pneumonia and was already in the hospital for a few weeks.The doctors were baffled by his case, as everything they tried seemed to make little difference.We had seen no improvements and nothing was helping him to recover.

My wife and I sat in the hospital on that day, Chaf Aleph Adar, and begged Hashem to send us a yeshua.What more could we do ?How could we save our son?

My wife mentioned that early in the morning, she had been reading a newspaper and saw a story about the Tehillim Kollel, this organization that offered Tefillos and bakashos
for its members.

We signed up right there and then, in the hospital hallway.The person who answered the phone and took down our information was so caring and kind, and really, a ray of hope in the middle of darkness.

A week passed.Nothing.Our Shloimy was still fighting for his life.

I called up Tehillim Kollel, completely broken, begging for their help.

Tehillim Kollel has so many locations around the world – I chose to change my membership to the holy tzion of R’ Shimon Bar Yochai, with the special Kollel Meron begging Hashem to help and heal my Shloimy,

Erev Pesach, my Shloimy was released from the hospital!He came home, weak but healthy.Adar was the beginning of joy – that is when the miracle began!