Shimon is Born from Tefillos at Kollel Meron

Three and a half years have passed.  That’s not ten.  But it’s also not one.  And we still had no children.  I didn’t want to wait until it became ten and spend more years in this misery of waiting.  So I decided to hire a group of devout men to pray for me and my husband at a holy Kever- that of R’ Shimon Bar Yochai.  R’ Shimon is known to be the place to daven for Zera Shekayama and I hoped that in the zchus of my supporting Kollel Meron to raise their families, I would be blessed with children as well.

A year later, when Tehillim Kollel contacted me to find out if I wanted to continue my membership at Kollel Meron, I was thrilled to say, “Yes! And please add the name of my son: Shimon.”