Struggling Boy is Accepted to Yeshiva Once Again

Sigh. Kids. Why mothers don’t sleep at night.

This night, it was my Yossi was keeping me awake, tossing and turning. Me, that is, with fear and worry.

Yossi had been thrown out of his old yeshiva. He wasn’t your average child. He had a difficult time with learning and Yeshivos seemed to only want those that met the standard. We contacted Yeshiva after Yeshiva, but no one wanted my Yossi.

It was heartbreaking to watch my Yossi shrivel under the constant and continuous rejection.

I did what all mothers do. I davened and davened hard.

And Hashem heard my Tefillos. He introduced me to a fascinating organization, Tehillim Kollel. The more I read about them, the more impressed I became. Locations all over the world. Tzions of Tzaddikim. Minyanim of Talmidei Chachamim. Reciting the entire Sefer Tehillim!!!
I signed Yossi up immediately.

And a week later, his old yeshiva called us up!! And said they would take him back!! I couldn’t believe the results- his old yeshiva was a place he felt comfortable, where he had friends, and it really was the best option for him. B”H for Tefillos.
sons, my pride and joy, were at the critical stage in life: Shidduchim age. My first son, Naftali, was doing quite well in Yeshiva, and was overall, happy and settled. But he had been in the Parsha for quite some time, and so far, nothing.

My second son, Yaakov, a good boy too, was starting to act out. Seeing that his older brother wasn’t finding a shidduch meant that his time to begin the Parsha was delayed as well, and so he started to take opportunities to slack off, have fun, and cross the line.

Yaakov’s behavior was frightening me. I was afraid that he would go completely off the derech and this sweet son of mine would forever be lost.

I was sharing with a friend my troubles when he offered me a solution, one that had worked for him with his own children: Tehillim Kollel, a compassionate, reputable organization that puts their heart and soul into davening for you and your family.

I contacted them immediately and signed up both of my sons.

I am thrilled to say that Tehillim Kolllel has been the perfect Shaliach. Within a few months, Naftali was engaged! After this simcha, Yaakov realized that he was next in line and began to shape up! He calmed down, starting showing up on time for minyan, began dressing normally again… I couldn’t have been happier. Tehillim Kollel delivered to me two yeshuos: Naftali, happily settled, and Yaakov, returning to the Torah way of life. I can’t wait to share the good news of Yaakov finding his shidduch as well, with the help of Tehillim Kollel’s tefillos.