Tefillos Transform Cancer Diagnosis into Benign Results

Bang. Crash.  Smash.  That’s not a drum.  Or a car accident.  Nope, that’s just my Shmueli, on a typical trek through my home.  But lately, he was looking…unwell.  He was generally a child full of energy- bouncing from activity to activity.  But now, my energetic 4 year old was looking listless.   I took him to the doctor who sent him for blood work… which resulted in a biopsy and the horrifying results: cancer.  The doctor gently told us that Shmueli had a very severe case and that intense treatment is required, but he was worried that Shmueli, being so young, would not be able to handle it.

Terrified, we began asking our friends and family to daven for us.   But it wasn’t enough.  We needed to do everything we could!  So we contacted Tehillim Kollel and asked that their handpicked, compassionate, chashuva men daven for our son as well.

And then, we went for a second opinion.  This doctor seemed to think that he could treat our Shmueli with less intense treatment that he felt Shmueli could handle and still be cured.  Another biopsy was done to assess the situation.  The results were the results only Tefillos can yield.  The biopsy was negative!  It was not cancer.  Our Shmueli was going to be fine.