Tehillim Kollel Membership Lands a Great Job

Rochel was always a happy child.  Now, at 22, her natural spirit has been dampened by the trials of life.  For over a year, she has been seeking a job in her profession.  While we live in Toronto, Canada, Rochel wanted a job in NY, where she felt she would have also have a greater chance of finding a shidduch.  But no job, no shidduch… no happiness.

I watched Rochel become more sad and despairing each day.  It broke my heart. I couldn’t watch her suffer anymore.  I davened to Hashem for help, and he placed this random idea in my head.  I flipped through the newspapers all the time, glanced at those Tehillim Kollel stories, but never put too much thought into what they had to offer.  But now, it seemed like a message from Hashem: “Call!  Their honest and dedicated Tefillos are what you need!”

So I signed up my Rochel.   And 10 days later, I repeat, 10 days later, she got a job!  A great job, a job in NY, exactly what she was looking for.  And over the next couple of days, I watched my Rochel bloom and transform back into the Rochel I knew, happy and contented.  We daven that the next step should be a good shidduch and that we continue to watch our Rochel grow and thrive!