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Years ago, R’ Mordechai Friedman, the Rosh Kollel of Tehillim Kollel, was just a young boy. One day, he was learning the sefer of the Shlah Hakadosh and he came along a story that changed his life.

The Shlah tells of a town in which lived a very simple man who recited Tehillim every single day. His town folk didn’t recognize his Tzidkus, as they didn’t find the recitation of Tehillim to be a remarkable endeavor. When this simple man was niftar, he came to the Rav of the town in a dream with a dire warning,

“Rebbi, you must evacuate the town! Tomorrow night, there will be a massacre here. Robbers will come, loot homes, and kill everyone. Since I have been saying Tehillim every day, I have provided the town with protection, but now that I am gone, the townspeople are in severe danger!”

The Rav took this dream very seriously....

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