12 days of Tehillim; A Shidduch for Life

What does a father do, watching his son’s class shrink as one friend after another stands under the chuppah, yet no shidduch is on the horizon for his son?

What does a mother do after she already called every shadchan she knows, yet her phone remains silent?

When all technical hishtadlus proved ineffective, this family chose the solution that’s always effective – Tehillim b’tzibbur coupled with tzedakah.

Tehillim Kollel’s bnei Torah began davening for the bachur in their predawn Tehillim minyan.
12 days.

That’s how quick it took for results to come.

Only 12 days later, a hearty mazel tov resounded in the now-happy home. Who would have believed a suitable shidduch would come so quickly?!

ישועת ה’ כהרף עין!


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