2 Shidduchim in just 5 Weeks!

2 Shidduchim in just 5 Weeks!

In the era that we live in, the painful shidduch crisis is one of the most difficult matters facing families from every community and every background. Hundreds of older bachurim and girls are waiting desperately to find their bashert and merit to build their very own home.

Tehilim Kollel: A beacon of hope in the shidduch crisis

Naturally, the offices of ‘Tehilim Kollel’ are constantly flooded with calls from parents, singling, friends and even the subjects themselves who wish to have the Bnei Torah from the kollel recite the entire Tehilim so that they can see a yeshua and find the match they’ve long been waiting for.

Here is an incredible call our office received just recently from an older girl who is a member of Tehilim Kollel:

With great joy, the girl told us that she just got engaged the night before at age 26 to a wonderful bachur, a talmud chochom and ba’al middos. But this is just the second half of the story. Listen to what else she shared:

Only 5 weeks prior, the family said L’chaim as her older sister, age 27, got engaged after a painful and difficult wait, and after being mentioned at Tehilim Kollel daily for a long time!

Expressing gratitude and wishing for the yeshua of others

She concluded by expressing how grateful she is to the group who davened so hard for her family, and wished that other singles who are registered with the the Kollel should also see their yeshua soon. Umein!


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