26 Women Unite to Sign up Two Single Classmates: It’s a Shidduch, Times Two!

While juggling my toddler in one hand and bags of groceries in the other, I was navigating my way through the parking lot when I heard my cell phone ringing.  “Whoever that is will just have to wait!” I thought with a smile.  “I have no hands left!”

I drove home, unpacked the groceries, put my toddler in for a nap, and then remembered the call.  I didn’t recognize the number, and after listening to the message, I knew why.  It was from one of my classmates from high school, Chana Rochel!  I had graduated seven years ago, and though there were a few girls I kept in touch with, the connection with the majority of my classmates had faded away with my childhood.   I was intrigued by her message:

“Hi, Sury, I know it’s really long-time-no-speak.  I hope you are doing well… The reason why I am calling is that a bunch of us were talking the other night by back-to-school night and realized that out of our class of 26 girls, only two are not married.  And, well, we felt that maybe as a class, we should do something about it.   We all have busy lives and maybe we do or don’t know someone we can set them up with… but on a spiritual realm, there is something we can do.  We were thinking of joining together to pay for membership at Tehillim Kollel, asking them to daven for Shayna and Ruchi at Kollel Meron.   A group of Talmidei Chachamim from Tzfas travel to Meron and recite the entire Sefer Tehillim, every day! We really are hoping that everyone will join and that our power of unity combined with the special tefillos of the Tehillim Kollel will bring these girls to their basherte.  Please call me back if you are willing to join in!”

“What a beautiful idea!” I thought, as fond memories of high school and friends began to stir warm feelings in my heart.  I had found my zivug, B”H, very fast, but my heart ached for these girls who were on the sidelines, watching their friends have two or three or more kids already, feeling stuck in their stage in life.

So my class of 26 all chipped in and signed up for Tehillim Kollel in Meron for one month.

41 days later, I received a call again.  This time I had Chana Rochel’s number saved in my phone, “Sury, you won’t believe the news! Shayna is engaged!!!”   Mazal tov, Mazal tov!

But Ruchi couldn’t be forgotten.  Chana Rochel asked if I was willing to chip in for another month.  “Of course,” I readily agreed.

One month later, when her name popped up on my caller ID, I was ready for the news and beat her to it.  “Ruchi’s engaged?” I asked.  “Yes, yes!!” she replied.

Our joy was overwhelming and we felt so grateful that Hashem listened to our pleas and helped us make not one shidduch, but two.


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