40 Days After Sign-up, A Shidduch Is Made

My daughter just turned 23.  While she is not a really old single, I was worried about her because she was a bit of a complicated child.  I was getting more and more nervous by the day and didn’t want to wait any more.  The time to do something was now!

I called up Tehillim Kollel and they explained to me that I could choose from 15 locations worldwide!   I had no idea that they were such a large, global organization.  I signed up my Devorah for a 40 day membership in the location that spoke to my heart, asking that they please daven and daven for my special girl to find her basherte.

Weeks later, my cell phone rang.  It was the Tehillim Kollel, calling to find out if I wanted to extend my membership, as the 40 days were up.

With a heart full of joy, I explained that I was a bit busy that night, as my daughter was getting engaged! But I asked that they please give me a call back the next day.

The following morning, I was so happy to receive the Tehillim Kollel call and sign up my daughter, and her new chosson, for an annual membership!


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