Years ago, R’ Mordechai Friedman, the Rosh Kollel of Tehillim Kollel, was just a young boy. One day, he was learning the sefer of the Shlah Hakadosh and he came across a story that changed his life. The Shlah tells of a town in which lived a very simple man who recited Tehillim every single day. His town folk didn’t recognize his Tzidkus, as they didn’t find the recitation of Tehillim to be a remarkable endeavor. When this simple man was niftar, he came to the Rav of the town in a dream with a dire warning, “Rebbi, you must evacuate the town! Tomorrow night, there will be a massacre here. Robbers will come, loot homes, and kill everyone. Since I have been saying Tehillim every day, I have provided the town with protection, but now that I am gone, the townspeople are in severe danger!” The Rav took this dream very seriously, gathered his community, and told them to pack up their belongings and run to a safe place. Many townspeople listened, but there were those who didn’t, thinking such a simple man couldn’t have protected their town and that the message couldn’t be true. Sadly, those who stayed behind were killed that night.

This young boy was astounded by the story and the clear power of Tehillim that it represented. He immediately took it upon himself to say Tehillim every single day, continuing on for 25 years with no interruptions. R’ Mordechai Friedman was a true Talmud Chacham, finishing Shas before his wedding, and over the years, others noticed his ameilus and began asking him to say Tehillim on their behalf as well. Realizing there was a great need, R’ Mordechai Friedman opened up the first location of Tehillim Kollel in Monroe, inviting Talmidei Chachimim to join him in completing the entire sefer of Tehilllim each and every day. as Tehillim Kollel became more known and in-demand, he opened another branch in Williamsburg, and then expanded to Eretz Yisroel and Europe. R’ Mordecha’s ultimate goal is for every Jewish city to have the same shmirah that was given to that city in the story of the Shlah- a daily recitation of Tehillim.

It has been over a decade since its inception and the Tehillim Kollel has served as a lifeline to thousands of Jews worldwide, continuously spreading light to its many subscribers, who witness indescribable yeshuous each day. What started out as a voluntary service of just a few men has now expanded to fifteen established locations throughout the world. Over 100 Talmidei Chachaim worldwide recite the Tehillim each day, 365 days a year without exception, uninterruptedly completing the Sefer Tehillim with great fervor and intensity on behalf of over 2,000 subscribers. Following the recitation of Sefer Tehillim, these men personally mention each subscriber’s name and request, begging for mercy on their behalf. The atmosphere is always one of kedusha and awe, worthy to be the conduit for so many miracles.

Today, Tehillim Kollel is an internationally recognized organization, with an ever expanding member base. This age-old segulah never ceases to inspire, with a steady influx of members sharing their stories of salvation, prominently publicizing the power of Tehillim.

Tehillim Kollel operates with the greatest amount of professionalism and confidentiality. Operators are available twenty-four hours a day, accommodating all time zones and off-hour urgent requests. The Gates of Heaven are always open: Tehillim Kollel maintains an open door policy with outstanding compassion and sensitivity. Despite its rapid growth, Tehillim Kollel prides itself in maintaining a personal connection. Driven by a burning passion to help others in need, the founder of Tehillim Kollel continues to seek ways to make these vital services both affordable and accessible to all.


Throughout the ages, since Dovid Hamelech composed this powerful collection of Tefillos, Tehillim has served as a holy conduit for Klal Yisroel, a powerful instrument we use to beg for Hashem’s help, blessing, and salvation.

Dovid T., New York
“My daughter and her husband were searching for the perfect house for their special needs’ family. With so many restrictions and requirements, it was beginning to seem impossible to find one in their budget. One Tehillim Kollel membership later, and they were in contract for the perfect house!”
Esther W., England
“My grandson and his wife had been trying for years to have a child. I know there are many medical advances, but I turned to the power of old and signed them up to become Tehillim Kollel members. Today, I hold my beautiful grandson in my hands, awed by this miraculous power.”
Miriam H., Pennsylvania
“My teenage son seemed to be losing his way. He was getting angrier and more defiant each day. While we were working with professionals, we felt we needed the added power of tefilla and signed up for membership. B”H, he is making so much progress now. It is lovely to see his happy, smiling face!”
Boruch F., New Jersey
“I had been working at one job for 10 years, when my boss closed down his business. I searched for months on end, with no job in sight. Then, a friend suggested Tehillim Kollel membership. I signed up, and very soon, I was hired at a great company!”
Yanky L., Eretz Yisroel
“My wife’s blood work results showed some abnormalities. We went for further testing, very nervous due to her family history. But before going, I signed us up for Tehillim Kollel membership. B”H all the further tests showed that she was healthy and fine!”
Moshe S., New York
“My daughter, in shidduchim for over 3 years, was losing hope. With all of our efforts, I decided to add one more and become a member of Tehillim Kollel. Within the first month, she had a promising suggestion. Now, only a short while later, she’s engaged!