All Her Requests Fulfilled Through Tehillim!

“I cannot thank Hashem enough,” tells a woman, as she shares the heartwarming developments in her life. “From the day I signed up with Tehillim Kollel, I’ve been showered with so much chesed from Above…

“It began with my daughter, a talented girl who suddenly found it difficult to keep upbeat. She seemed to be struggling with depression, and every day posed a new challenge. Soon after I gave in her name so the talmidei chachamim at Tehillim Kollel would daven for her daily, we found a shaliach from Shamayim to help her. Believe it or not, she just became a kallah! 

“I also have a son, a sweet bachur, who began slipping away from Yiddishkeit. To our dismay, he was on the verge of dropping everything and leaving our warm home. Baruch Hashem, in the zechus of your heartfelt tefillos, today he’s learning in one of the chashuve yeshivos in Eretz Yisrael.”

The chain of yeshuos was just going on and on, the woman explains. “My husband also had his turn, when his boss approached him and unexpectedly offered him a beautiful raise in addition to his weekly paycheck.”

She concludes in an overjoyed tone filled with gratitude, “Tell the bnei Torah that their koach is very great up in Shamayim, and that every single pasuk of Tehillim that they recite brings more and more yeshuos for us all!”



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