Birthmark Won’t Stop the Shidduch with Tehillim Kollel’s Help

My Reuvan is a great boy. Solid, mentshlich, kind, smart… the list could go on and on. But he was born with a birthmark on his face. Some may consider him damaged goods but we looked at our precious son as the true and remarkable man he really is. We searched high and low for a girl that could match him in caliber.

It was difficult. Not everyone saw Reuvan as we did. Not everyone was ready to accept him completely. Finally, we found a shidduch that seemed perfect. It took us two years to get to this day, but each and every aspect seemed just right. We were on the brink of engagement when the shidduch fell apart. The other side had continued to do investigations… and were fed false, damaging information that my son had additional medical complications. None of it was true! But it didn’t matter. The shidduch was over.

Our hopes were dashed. Would anyone ever see Reuvan for the golden special individual that he truly was?

We knew that Hashem must see him in the same light as we did, so we turned to Him, signing up for membership with His holy messengers, the Tehillim Kollel, and asking them to daven for Reuvan at one of the their many special locations around the world.

40 days later- Reuvan is engaged!!! Our joy and gratitude hold no bounds, as our precious son embarks on this new stage of life with a wonderful, special wife.


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