Cured from Pneumonia BH through the power of Tehillim in Miron

Chodesh Adar is supposed to be a time of joy. But that Adar, we faced fear and sadness. Our sweet Shloimy contracted pneumonia and landed in the hospital for several weeks. The doctors were puzzled

by the case. Whatever they tried simply didn’t work. We saw no improvement; nothing seemed to be curing our son.

My wife and I sat in the hospital that day, 21 Adar, and begged Hashem to send us a yeshuah. What more could we do? How could we save our son?

My wife shared that she had read a story from Tehillim Kollel that morning about someone who saw a real yeshuah after having a minyan recite Tehillim on his behalf.

Right then and there, in the hospital corridor, we signed up. The person who answered the phone and took down our information was very warm and expressed his sympathy, which in itself was a ray of
sunshine in middle of that bleak day.

A week passed. Nothing. Our Shloimy was still fighting for his life.

I felt I couldn’t continue this way any longer. I called Tehillim Kollel, and begged them to help.

Tehillim Kollel has many locations across the globe, and I decided to change my membership to the strategic minyan in Meron. At the kever of Reb Shimon bar Yochai, they would storm the heavens for my

On erev Pesach, Shloimy came home from the hospital! He was weak, but healthy. Chodesh Adar was actually the beginning of the simchah – that’s when our miracle began!


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