L’chaim! It’s Day #40

The clock was ticking. Months turned to years, yet no shidduch was in sight. The family tried every avenue, to no avail. It came to the point where Miss Eligible herself decided she could use the zechus of Tehillim b’tzibbur backing her. She courageously picked up the phone and handed in her name to Tehillim Kollel, hoping this would be the final straw she needed to bring about her yeshuah.

The words of Tehillim, infused with special powers for all eternity by David Hamelech himself, did not fail, and the results were not long in coming. A promising name was placed on the table, and preliminary research showed it was nearly too good to be true. Things moved quickly from there.

It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon when a meeting between the prospective chassan and kallah ended on a positive note. The mechutanim were delighted to set a time for the l’chaim – at 7 p.m.

As they feverishly set the table, the phone rang. It was the Tehillim Kollel office.

“Today is the 40th day since you signed up,” the caller said. “Would you like to continue?”

For a moment, the girl’s father froze. “It was a friendly message from Above,” he said emotionally. “Just as we were in the middle of concluding the shidduch, we were reminded that yes – Tehillim works! We saw with our own eyes the otherworldly power of 40 days of Tehillim!”


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