The Minyan in Shul

Every single morning—365 days a year, including Shabbos and Yom Tov—special talmidei chachamim gather to recite Tehillim b’tzibbur.

After completing the entire sefer Tehillim, the minyan will mention your name and specific requests for you and your loved ones. This tremendous power brings protection and unbelievable yeshuos!

Membership Options

The fee to be a member of the Brooklyn minyan for one month is $150, which would total $1,800 for an entire year. You can now benefit from an annual membership for just $720—a 60% discount! 

Your annual membership offers amazing flexibility; update or change your names and requests at any time, by getting in touch with our office. 

Know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you have the backing of a eminent minyan saying the entire sefer Tehillim daily on your behalf.

Support Bnei Torah

Your generous donation goes directly to the minyan of bnei Torah, supporting their families’ basic needs and helping them continue their Torah learning and special prayers for Klal Yisrael. This forms a unique tzedakah and tefillah combination that storms the Heavens for all your needs.

P.S. B’haskamas harabbanim, the Tehillim Kollel membership fee is 100% tzedakah and may be paid from Ma’aser.

Minyan Information

The Tehillim Kollel location is open to the public. You are welcome to join and say Tehillim together with our minyan every morning in Dinov Shul at 77 Wallabout St., Brooklyn, NY 11249, from 6:30 AM. Sundays 8:20 AM and Shabbos 7:15 AM.

The Minyan in Shul

Daily Tehillim Minyan in Brooklyn


Your subscription is managed with the highest level of confidentiality.

Membership - Free support

While you are a member you can always contact us to update your names and bakushos. Hatzlacha Raba!