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Reb Shimon’s Tzion

For hundreds of years, Klal Yisrael has been climbing the hill to Reb Shimon. The warm feelings everyone experiences upon reaching the holy tzion of Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the unrestrained simchah that uplifts us afterward is indescribable.

The Meron Minyan

For almost two decades, Tehillim Kollel has a large minyan of chashuve bnei Torah reciting the entire sefer Tehillim every day of the year. The tremendous yeshuos and powerful success stories are a result of these chashuve talmidei chachamim singing the pure lyrics of David Hamelech together at the holy site of Kever Rashb”i.

Unlock the Benefits

By submitting your names and specific requests of your loved ones, you unlock many tremendous benefits

  • TzedakahYour money goes to support these chashuve talmidei chachamim, aniyei Eretz Yisrael, who depend on your support for their basic needs. 
  • Tefillah. You gain an entire minyan in Meron by Reb Shimon, praying for your success in all aspects.

Be in Meron

Imagine yourself taking the trip to the holy mountain of Meron. It can cost thousands of dollars and lots of effort to be there for just one day or one hour. Now you can be there for a month or the entire year, by signing up for a Tehillim Kollel membership to support our holy shluchim. It’s a cost-effective, viable way to “be” in this special place!

Your Ultimate Spiritual Investment

By being a member of Tehillim Kollel’s Meron Kollel, you are guaranteed 4 zechusim rolled in one:

  • Zechus of Reb Shimon, “כדאי רבי שמעון לסמוך עליו בשעת הדחק”
  • Zechus of David Hamelech, “דוד מלך ישראל חי וקים”
  • Zechus of Sefer Tehillim 
  • Zechus of Tzedakah “תלמידי חכמים, ענײ ארץ ישראל”

With faith in Hashem, we believe that this quadrupled power will bring you all the yeshuos you’ve been waiting for. It should be the bestcheapest, and holiest shemirah policy ever!

Membership Options

The fee to be a member of the Kollel at Reb Shimon for one month is $360, which would total $4,320 for one year. You can now benefit from an annual membership for just $2,160a 50% discount! 

Your annual membership offers amazing flexibility; update or change your names and requests at any time, by getting in touch with our office. 

Know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you have the backing of an eminent minyan saying the entire sefer Tehillim daily on your behalf.

Minyan Information

If you are planning to be in Meron, schedule to be at the tzion from 2:00 PM to join a warm and elevated minyan of Tehillim.

Kollel Meron At Tzion Harashb”y

Daily Minyan at Tzion Harashb’y.


Your subscription is managed with the highest level of confidentiality.

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While you are a member you can always contact us to update your names and bakushos. Hatzlacha Raba!