The Ribnitzer Rebbe

Daily Tehillim at Tzion of Reb Chaim Zanvil Ben Reb Moshe, zy”a

In his lifetime, he was a legend – known far and wide for his unsurpassed kedushah and open miracles. Today, thousands attest they have seen their yeshuah in the zechus of the holy tzaddik and po’el yeshuos, Reb Chaim Zanvil ben Reb Moshe, zy”a, of Ribnitz.

Day in day out, our bnei Torah recite the entire sefer Tehillim at his kever. They will mention your name and specific request so the miracle-worker can bring you the yeshuah you are waiting for!

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To be a member of the daily Tehillim at the Rivnitz Tzion for a month costs $150, and for the year, it costs a total of $1,800. You can now benefit from a yearly membership for just $720, which is 60% off. One of the best benefits of your yearly membership is the flexibility of updating or changing your names and requests by getting in touch with the office.

You should know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you have the tremendous zchus of the entire Sefer Tehillim behind you said daily, followed by mentioning your names and bakushos on your behalf.

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Your generous donation goes directly to those Bnei Torah to support them and their families for their basic needs and helps them continue their torah learning and their special prayers for Klal Yisroel. This brings the uniqueness of Tzedakah and Tfilah combination, storming the heavens for all your needs.

P.S. Bhaskumos harabonim, the Tehillim Kollel membership fee is 100% tzedakah and can be paid from Maser.


The Tzion of the Ribnitzer Rebbe

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