Rabbinic Advice: Sign up for Tehillim Kollel to Save your Daughter’s Marriage

When I dialed the number, I was skeptical.  And I let the man on the other end of the phone know exactly how uncomfortable I was.

“I’m just doing this because my Rav told me to,” I said.

“Aha,” said the man on the other end. “How can we help?”

I continued: “You are not my number one organization.  It makes me uncomfortable to feel like the Tehillim is being commercialized.   I am not sure the stories are even true. ”

The man on the other end was silent, waiting for me to finish my piece.

“But,” I continued, “My daughter got married six months ago… and she is really suffering.  She has severe Shalom Bayis issues.  I went to my Rav, a well known Dayan, for help.”

My Rav said, “Sign up for Tehillim Kollel”

I hesitated, and said, “I’m not a fan.”

My Rav said, “Do it anyway.”

He then explained to me his reasoning behind it: “The Tehillim has a special power to it, and combined with a Minyan of Talmidei Chachamim Davening for you each and every day, the effect is even greater!  You can’t go wrong with it.  It really doesn’t matter if you believe in the marketing or not.  It is a proven concept and has worked for generations and generations.  You can only benefit from signing up.  And based on my experience with others who have signed up for membership, it is truly worth it.”

I continued my story: “And so, I’m signing up for an annual membership,” I told the man.  “Because I believe and trust my Rav.”

“That’s enough,” the man said quietly.

And it is enough.


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