membership plans

By far, the most popular and sought after service at Tehillim Kollel is our membership plans. We offer a variety of packages, from monthly to annual, from one kollel to many kollelim, with a wide range of pricing to ensure that each person can choose the optimum plan to perfectly suit their needs. Our plans provide subscribers with the incredible privilege of having devoted, G-d fearing men complete Sefer Tehillim each day without interruption on their behalf. In addition to having their names mentioned, members of our annual membership plan can always add additional names to our daily recital list without charge. This arrangement has brought infinite blessings into the lives of our ardent supporters.

tehillim just for you

People of all times have turned to the Sefer Tehillim as a means of appealing to Hashem in all situations, witnessing amazing yeshuos through the greatness of the Sefer Tehillim. Whether you are looking for a job, and want Tefillos during an important interview, have a life threatening illness and require daily prayers, are anxiously awaiting to be blessed with children, searching for a partner in life, or have a simple one-time bakasha, Tehillim Kollel is ready to help. We beseech Hashem on your behalf and have never failed to see awesome results.

Tehillim Just For You can be completely customized to your specifications: How many people are davening, in which location, how often, and more. Every aspect of Tehillim Just For You is designed- just for you!

prayers by the sages

“Tzaddikim are greater after their passing than when they are alive” (Chullin 7b).

The power which the tzaddik possesses is immeasurable. With this in mind, Tehillim Kollel offers the phenomenal service of sending an individual messenger or an entire minyan to the gravesite of the tzaddik of your choice, at any of the Tehillim locations worldwide. Messengers will light candles, write kvittlach, and daven feverishly on your behalf. The entire Sefer Tehillim will be recited uninterruptedly, with fiery passion and your personal request in mind.

yartzeit tefilos

The day of a yartzeit of a loved one is traditionally commemorated by visiting the gravesite of the deceased, lighting a candle and reciting Kaddish and special prayers. Many times, personal attendance is impossible, due to distance or other obstacles, which is why Tehillim Kollel has recently offered this much needed service to the public. Tehillim Kollel will send a special messenger or an entire minyan on your behalf to anyplace in the world to light candles, learn mishnayos, say kaddish, and complete Sefer Tehillim with utmost fervor and concentration. It is a special way to show respect to your deceased loved ones. Contact one of our representatives for exact pricing and details.