Shalom Bayis Problems Solved with Tefilla

“Hi, is this Tehillim Kollel?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes, how we can we help you?” boomed a friendly voice on the other side.

“I wanted to sign my daughter and her husband up for Tefillos.  She just got married about six months ago.  Everything seemed so perfect at the beginning, like they were really a perfect match.  But now, I’m worried.  They seem to be struggling to get along.  I don’t want to be that nosy mother and mix in where I shouldn’t be.  But… I’m worried.  And I wanted to do my Hishtadlus.  So can you please daven for them, that whatever the problem is, it should be resolved?”

“Of course!” he replied, “We will begin davening for them right away.”



One year later, I called them back.

“I just wanted to thank you for your Tefillos.  In the past year, my daughter and her husband had a child, and as a couple, they seem so much more united, so much happier!  They have settled into a beautiful life together and I am so grateful to Tehillim Kollel for being instrumental in their Shalom Bayis.  Thank you!”

Once a mother, always a mother.  I am so grateful to Tehillim Kollel for utilizing their special power of Tefilla to help my family.


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