Tehillim Kollel Story Brings Shidduchim

Look at the refrigerator,” she used to say. “Soon, we’ll also see our yeshuah – just like they did!”

Mrs. Levy would point at a flimsy newspaper clipping affixed with magnet. Its title read: 3 Shidduchim in 2 Weeks. Inspired, she had torn this short story out of one of the local papers after reading about a family that had merited three engagements in just two weeks after joining Tehillim Kollel.

This particular Tehillim Kollel episode spoke to her, since she too, had a lineup of three children who were waiting to meet their zivugim.

Every time things looked down and threatened to engulf the home in gloom, she would refer to the clipping and exclaim optimistically, “One day, it will be our turn. And when our dream will come true, I will call Tehillim Kollel and give money for the bnei Torah who untiringly daven day in, day out, with their Tehillim.”

The unbelievable happened! Last Friday, the Levys celebrated the engagement of their third child – within two weeks!

Elated, Mrs. Levy called in to Tehillim Kollel’s office. “Your chizuk accompanied us on this long, exhausting journey!” she exclaimed. “Over the last year-and-a-half, we breathed bitachon, thanks to the story you publicized. One miracle leads to another…

I would love everyone in Klal Yisrael to know what a great power Tehillim and tzedakah have!


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