The Shatzer Rebbe’s Promise Brings Back the Children

Ari couldn’t take it anymore.

He tried everything in the world; still his children were distancing
themselves both from him and from a Torah lifestyle.

Sadly, his wife had left Yiddishkeit and she took the children along with her. A messy divorce followed. Ari fought passionately for rights to the
children, hoping to be able to raise them as Torah-true Yidden. But it looked like a lost battle.

He exhausted thousands of dollars in court, but those involved in the case were skeptical that he would succeed.

The date of the final court case neared. Ari already did everything possible in the technical realm, he now sought to garner spiritual assistance. Having heard of the Shatzer Rebbe’s promise to help anyone who undertook a kabbalah at his kever, Ari decided to sign up for Tehillim Kollel.

Ari knew that the ehrliche Yidden who recite the entire Tehillim at the kever every day of the year would be the right messengers for his important request. Ari undertook to say the brachos with kavanah every day and he carried out his kabbalah in all sincerity.

A few days later, the judge announced his ruling. Despite the dire predictions of the experts, pointing in the opposite direction, Ari was granted the rights to his kids! With deep appreciation, Ari accepted his opportunity to raise his children in an ehrliche environment.

The remarkable promise yielded a remarkable yeshuah.


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