Three Siblings Engaged in 7 Weeks, after Tehillim Kollel Membership!

  1. 26. 25. 23. 21. These aren’t just random numbers. They are the ages of my children.  My single children.  Each and every one.  Waiting.  Searching.  Trying.  Hoping.  Frozen in time.

At the bris of each of my boys, I remember reciting, “…LTorah, L’chupah, U’lmaasim Tovim” with tears in my eyes, joyfully dreaming of the day.  There are still tears in my eyes, for my family, but they are no longer joyful, because for some reason, it seems that these days will never come.

Why? We davened.  We called.  We met with Shadchanim.  We soul-searched.  No zivugim were coming our way.  We were on an island of solitude.

My wife kept telling me about this organization, the Tehillim Kollel.  “You have to see these stories,” she would say, as she brandished a newspaper before me.

“Not interested,” I told her, “Don’t believe everything you read.”

But my wife persisted, asking me to at least try.  “All you can lose is your money, that’s all.  But what we can gain?  Can’t you look at it that way?”

I gave the okay, and delighted, my wife signed up all our five children for the Kollel Meron.

I was a non-believer, but I’m also a practical person.  And you just can’t argue with results.

Within 20 days, Sarah, my oldest, was engaged!  Two weeks later, Moshe.  Two weeks after that? Eliyahu! Within 7 weeks, three of my children were engaged!  Living in Israel, I am privy to spiritual, awe-inspiring events and situations all the time.  But to have my own personal miracle performed?  There’s no explaining the feelings of joy and gratitude I feel today. And I learned a valuable lesson: Always listen to your wife!


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